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Oklahoma Tornado Relief

Oklahoma Tornado Relief

A Prayer For Central Oklahoma

God of the Heavens: nature and all that You have created are truely awesome.
We treasure all Your gifts; the ones we understand and those we cannot.

We try, but we cannot control the weather, the oceans, the mountains or nature.
Since the time of Noah, we do not believe that it is not You who sends floods, make the earth shake or dispatch weather formations such as hurricanes and tornados, as warnings or punishments.

It was just last week that the Jewish community stood together at the base of Mt. Sinai, receiving Your Ten Commandments.
The Torah tells us that there was wind, thunder and lightening while we awaited the awesome (on-going) of moment Revelation.

In the heartland of our country, focusing on central Oklahoma, the voice heard was that of meteorologists and sirens.
The rains fell, the winds roared – then there was... destruction, all around.

God, Elijah, the prophet said that You were not in the windstorm – that you are in the still, small voice. 
God, be the voice that comforts crying children, be the voice that organizes rescue workers, be the voice of those lost so they can be found.
God be the voice of the world offering prayers of strength, comfort and consolation.

God, help those lost to be found, help those hurt to be healed, help those who help to be strong and comforting.
In time, God, help the people of central Oklahoma rebuild and reaffirm their sanctity in You.

Contributions for Oklahoma Tornado Relief
1. URJ - Union For Reform Judaism
633 3rd Ave.
New York, NY  10017
Attention:  emergency relief
Mark the memo line:  Oklahoma tornado disaster relief
or on line:
2.  *UJA-Federation Oklahoma City
710 W. Wilshire Blvd - Suite 103
Oklahoma City, OK  73116-7740
Mark the memo line:  Oklahoma tornado disaster relief
3.  American Red Cross
P.O. Box 97089
Washington, DC  20090-7080
Attention:  emergency relief
Mark the memo line:  Oklahoma tornado disaster relief
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